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Pedodontics (Children Dentistry)

Ellicott City Dentistry - Children's Dentistry

The dental specialty that deals specifically with children is called Pedodontics or Pediatric Dentistry. Children from the ages of birth to 18 years of age are seen by the Pedodontist. When the child becomes an adult, it is up to the patient and the dentist if they would like to continue treatment into adulthood. The patient may be referred out to another branch of specialties for specific treatments such as root canal or gum disease.

When Should A Child See A Dentist?

When baby teeth start to come in is the best time to start brushing with a soft-bristled baby toothbrush. These can be found in the baby items section of most stores. The baby will get used to the texture of the toothbrush and eventually get into the habit of brushing. Children Dentistry can begin any time the parent feels comfortable bringing the child into the Pedodntics office. The dental health professionals will introduce the child to some basic items in the office. We will make the visit fun and without any procedures or treatments. Just a fun ride in the dental chair, spray the air/water syringe, and use the mouth mirror to count the teeth. No major equipment or "scary" items shown to them at all. Just the fun stuff!

What Procedures Are Performed By The Pedodontics?

Children dentistry in Ellicott City is basically the same as for adults, however, some procedures aren’t as detailed and complicated. Pedodontics will focus on the growth patterns and eruptions of the baby and permanent teeth and preventive dentistry as well. Growth patterns are monitored by taking x-rays and watching the growth of the top and bottom jaws. Keeping an eye on whether braces will be needed in the future is important to the parent and patient. Making sure that the baby teeth are in place and maintain that space to guide the permanent teeth in is key to how the top and bottom teeth align during growing. Regular check-ups and cleanings with fluoride treatments with a focus on proper oral hygiene at home will help prevent the need for fillings but won’t eliminate it completely in some cases. Basic tooth color fillings, baby tooth crowns, and some minor root canal treatments might need to be performed.

Sealants are also as Children Dentistry procedure to help prevent cavities from developing in the pits of the top surface of the teeth. Sealants are a non-invasive procedure where a resin coating is applied to the biting surface of the teeth. Sealants are also placed in the cheek surface pits to help prevent cavities there. The Pedodontist in Ellicott City will use tooth- color fillings when doing fillings on baby teeth. The silver filling material is not being used as much in modern dentistry. Tooth color fillings are better for the teeth and will last long enough for the permanent teeth to come in. Baby tooth crowns are needed when the decay (cavity) is large enough to require the whole tooth to be restored back to its original structure. If the cavity has gone into the pulp (nerve) of the tooth, then a minor root canal will need to be done. The larger portion of the nerve will be removed and replaced with a medicinal packing and the baby tooth crown placed over the remaining tooth structure.


There are several ways you can introduce your child to the Pedodontist. One is to bring them in with you when you have a basic cleaning appointment or check-up. Typically, if your child sees their parent doing something they will be ok with doing it themselves. Two is to schedule them with their own appointment. The child will feel special when being shown all the “fun” stuff the Pedodontist has for them to see. As mentioned, a ride up and down in the dental chair is priceless to the two-year-old patient. They love to play and showing them the squirt gun (water syringe) will be playful and fun for them to experience. Depending on how it goes and how receptive they are to the “fun” stuff we will proceed with lightly polishing their teeth.

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